Addressing potential taxation issues as well as resolving significant taxation disputes with the Australian Taxation Office is vital for many of our clients.

Harwood Andrews' Taxation specialists have experience in providing practical, strategic and technical advice on the conduct of tax dispute resolution matters from the first contact by revenue authorities through to the conclusion of litigation. We have experience and knowledge in substantive taxation law and procedures, taxation administrative law, judicial administrative law and tribunal and court rules.

We work collaboratively with your financial advisers in order to determine the best strategy to resolve disputes at the earliest possible stage.

Our Taxation lawyers regularly present at various state and national taxation conferences and events. We participate in the various consultative committees of the Australian Taxation Office and are members of professional, revenue authorities and government consultation forums shaping the policy of tax change and reform.

Harwood Andrews' Taxation team provides a range of advice about specific taxes and taxation laws including:

  • Income Tax

  • Capital Gains Tax

  • Goods and Services Tax and other indirect taxes

  • Fringe Benefits Tax

  • State taxes such as Payroll Tax and Stamp Duty

  • International taxation arrangements



The objective of tax dispute resolution is to manage risk, minimise disruption to the taxpayer’s affairs and to achieve commercially sound solutions to taxation matters that are often complex and controversial.

Our lawyers are expert tax consultants with litigation experience to cost effectively streamline matter management and to negotiate the complexities of tax settlement, enforcement and collection procedures.

In addition to assisting with strategic and practical management of the dispute process, Harwood Andrews can assist you and your advisers in developing and managing clear and practical tax risk management protocols for storing information, managing confidential communications and access by and disclosure to the authorities.

Harwood Andrews provides tax dispute advice and services in the following areas

  • ATO questionnaire responses and audit activities

  • Informal and formal information and document exchange

  • Objections to taxation decisions

  • Penalty and interest remission applications

  • Settlement negotiation

  • Debt enforcement management

  • Freedom of information applications

  • Administrative reviews and court appeals

  • Tax agent disciplinary activities


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