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Wills & Estates


Wills & Estates

Wills & Estates

The transfer of your assets according to your wishes on death takes careful evaluation and insight.

Our estate planning team can guide you through the process of will preparation, including mutual will and some of the more complex will structures including testamentary trusts or special purpose trusts.

Our focus is on clearly documenting your wishes to ensure that your estate is transferred to your beneficiaries as you intended. In doing this will aim to simplify complex issues and take into consideration tax-effective passing of assets and minimising risk associated with future disputed estates.


Wills & Testamentary Trusts

Wills & Testamentary Trusts



A good will is a fundamental necessity.  The stakes are high. A homemade will is often a disaster.  Complicated family circumstances such as being in a second marriage with children from a prior marriage or relationship require careful consideration of a range of options.

For some clients, the will is just the starting point of succession planning, and of itself insufficient.  Superannuation death benefits, self-managed superannuation funds, private companies and trusts all require specific attention, as do taxation consequences of dealing with them.  All of these issues need to be dealt with in a cohesive manner.

Testamentary Trust

Where it is appropriate we recommend testamentary trust wills.  These are wills which include a gift of the estate, or part of the estate, to a discretionary trust or trusts.

We have a range of sophisticated testamentary trust will options which are kept up to date and are state of the art.  

These types of wills can provide asset protection for your spouse and children as well as tax savings.

Online willS & Powers of attorney

For straight forward circumstances, Harwood Andrews’ Online Will service - Your Will enables you to develop a quality legal document from the comfort of your own home.  Your Will offers single and couple’s Wills and Enduring Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney that are tailored to you.

Your Will is:

  • Prepared and reviewed by a real lawyer and tailored to your needs - it is NOT automatically generated

  • Explained to you over the phone by a lawyer at a time that suits you

  • Designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow, with a step-by-step online questionnaire

  • Compliant and certified by Law Institute of Victoria Certified Practicing Lawyers

Our online will service is intended for simple wills. If you have complex financial arrangements, or control assets in trusts or companies, or have complicated personal circumstances such as children from a prior relationship please contact us.

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The family farm & succession planning

The family farm & succession planning

The Family Farm & Succession Planning

Succession planning in relation to the family farm can be a difficult exercise.  If it is poorly done it can lead to permanently damaged family relationships, perhaps the loss of a farm, and very substantial legal costs incurred by some family members disputing your estate.

Comprehensive planning and the careful structuring of ownership can alleviate many problems that might otherwise arise.

We involve lawyers from our Wills and Estates Department, Business Law Department and our Taxation Law Department as required when working on these succession issues.  Not only do clients need to consider who should take control of the farm in future, but how non-farming children should be provided for, what risks there might be of a challenge to the will, what alternative ownership options ought to be considered, including a discretionary trust, and what taxation consequences will follow from different options.


Superannuation death benefits

Superannuation death benefits

Superannuation Death Benefits

Payment of superannuation benefits on the death of a person is a complex legal area.

Some superannuation funds allow members to make nominations in relation to their superannuation benefits upon death whereby the member nominates a particular beneficiary.  The choice of beneficiaries is very narrow under the law. Some funds allow these nominations to be binding, but many do not. Many binding nominations lapse after three years, but not all.

Great care needs to be taken in relation to the above options.  A nomination is like a will in relation to your superannuation, and often governs an asset of very substantial value.  This applies regardless of whether the superannuation benefits are in an industry fund, a retail fund, or a self-managed superannuation fund.

We offer expert advice in relation to disputes concerning superannuation death benefits and applications to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.

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Decision Making & enduring powers of attorney

Decision Making & enduring powers of attorney


Substitute Decision Making

If you lose capacity, who should be able to make decisions on your behalf?  We provide comprehensive services in relation to all aspects of substitute decision making.

You can take control of your future by appointing selected people to:

  • have power over your assets and finances;

  • make lifestyle decisions on your behalf; and

  • make decisions about medical treatment on your behalf.

Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker

This document enables you to appoint someone to make decisions on your behalf about medical treatment if you are incapable.  We strongly advocate the preparation and signing of these by our clients, as do medical professionals and hospitals.

We also prepare Advance Care Directives and provide comprehensive advice about issues surrounding these.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

We prepare enduring powers of attorney for both financial and personal matters and we tailor these to meet your requirements.  Very substantial powers are given to whoever is appointed as the attorney.

Guardianship & Administration Tribunal

If you do not appoint an enduring power of attorney, then the Guardianship & Administration Tribunal might have to appoint someone to be your Administrator and/or Guardian.  It might appoint someone you would not have selected yourself, so it is preferable that you sign the necessary documents to appoint who you want.

We provide comprehensive services in relation to all aspects of substitute decision making.  We also make applications to the Guardianship & Administration Tribunal and appear in disputes before that Tribunal. 


There have been many significant court cases in recent years concerning the question of whether a person had the legal capacity to make a decision or sign a document.  Measuring capacity can be a complex task. We offer experienced guidance in this field. 

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Planning for your future is easy with Your Will. Your Will offers single and couple’s Wills and Enduring Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney that are tailored to you. Read our further information on:





Administering an estate can be a challenging task.  We have substantial resources and experience in relation to probate applications and estate administration.  This is a complex area and executors need to be careful.

We guide executors through the sometimes lengthy process to ensure the terms of the will are carried out and the executors obligations are met.

Most people should to consider estate planning when they start building their assets, such as buying a home, or when there is a significant life change, such as marriage, children or separation.

If you do not properly plan there may be problems for your beneficiaries, such as avoidable taxes and duties. Also, the distribution of assets can become complicated and this can result in disagreement between your children or dependents which often leads to expensive court proceedings and fractured family relationships.

Harwood Andrews can assist you with advice and assistance in considering the following aspects of estate planning:

  • your will

  • appointing executors, trustees and guardians

  • assets in family trusts

  • business succession

  • life insurance and its use in estate planning;

  • farming properties

  • how to deal with separation, defacto relationships and blended families

  • mutual wills and testamentary trust wills

  • taxation

  • superannuation and how your benefits are distributed

  • taxation of superannuation benefits

  • special disability trusts

Probate Applications, Disputes & Caveats

We make applications for probate and letters of administration in relation to wills. Sometimes these are contested. We are here to guide you through the process in relation to these disputes.

Disputes in relation to wills are becoming increasingly common particularly with challenges to wills. We regularly act for executors in defending claims against estates. We also regularly act for people who believe that they have been unfairly treated by a will and wish to make a claim against the estate.

Estate disputes can be very stressful for families and all parties involved. It is sometimes necessary to lodge a caveat to temporarily prevent and grant of probate. Harwood Andrews Wills and Estates team has considerable experience in dealing with these sensitive matters and will guide you through this process.