Administering an estate can be a challenging task.  We have substantial resources and experience in relation to probate applications and estate administration.  This is a complex area and executors need to be careful.

We guide executors through the sometimes lengthy process to ensure the terms of the will are carried out and the executors obligations are met.

Most people should to consider estate planning when they start building their assets, such as buying a home, or when there is a significant life change, such as marriage, children or separation.

If you do not properly plan there may be problems for your beneficiaries, such as avoidable taxes and duties. Also, the distribution of assets can become complicated and this can result in disagreement between your children or dependents which often leads to expensive court proceedings and fractured family relationships.

Harwood Andrews can assist you with advice and assistance in considering the following aspects of estate planning:

  • your will

  • appointing executors, trustees and guardians

  • assets in family trusts

  • business succession

  • life insurance and its use in estate planning;

  • farming properties

  • how to deal with separation, defacto relationships and blended families

  • mutual wills and testamentary trust wills

  • taxation

  • superannuation and how your benefits are distributed

  • taxation of superannuation benefits

  • special disability trusts

Probate Applications, Disputes & Caveats

We make applications for probate and letters of administration in relation to wills. Sometimes these are contested. We are here to guide you through the process in relation to these disputes.

Disputes in relation to wills are becoming increasingly common particularly with challenges to wills. We regularly act for executors in defending claims against estates. We also regularly act for people who believe that they have been unfairly treated by a will and wish to make a claim against the estate.

Estate disputes can be very stressful for families and all parties involved. It is sometimes necessary to lodge a caveat to temporarily prevent and grant of probate. Harwood Andrews Wills and Estates team has considerable experience in dealing with these sensitive matters and will guide you through this process.