B Corporations
redefining success in business

The B Corporation (B Corp) movement started over 10 years ago in the United States to distinguish between businesses that are doing ‘good’ and just good marketing. The B Corp certification is for socially responsible businesses, as Fair Trade certification is for chocolate or coffee.

Over 2,000 B Corps (and counting) across the globe voluntarily meet higher standards of environmental and social transparency, accountability and performance. They distinguish themselves in the marketplace by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business.

In 2015, Harwood Andrews became a certified B Corp. The B Corp certification reaffirms our commitment to community, developing our people and caring for the environment.

The B Corp assessment is a holistic approach to measuring the impact of the business. It looks at the entire performance of an organisation, not just profit but their commitment to people and planet. The assessment helps you measure what matters most to your organisation. The areas of assessment include:

  • Governance measures practices in relation to the board, the structure of your organisation and equality.
  • What is the organisation’s environmental footprint? It measures the building usage, recycling practices and wastage.
  • Supply chain measures and challenges the organisation’s procurement process. Prompting important discussion within your organisation about supporting local businesses, indigenous or disadvantage suppliers in our community.
  • Measuring the type of support the organisation provides to local charities and not-for-profits in the communities we live and operate in.
  • The overall impact of the organisations’ products and services is measured through the Business Impact Model. Giving you an indication whether what you do day to day is actually creating a better world for future generations.

For more information on the B Corp movement in Australia and New Zealand visit, bcorporation.com.au.