A good will is a fundamental necessity.  The stakes are high. A homemade will is often a disaster.  Complicated family circumstances such as being in a second marriage with children from a prior marriage or relationship require careful consideration of a range of options.

For some clients, the will is just the starting point of succession planning, and of itself insufficient.  Superannuation death benefits, self-managed superannuation funds, private companies and trusts all require specific attention, as do taxation consequences of dealing with them.  All of these issues need to be dealt with in a cohesive manner.

Testamentary Trust

Where it is appropriate we recommend testamentary trust wills.  These are wills which include a gift of the estate, or part of the estate, to a discretionary trust or trusts.

We have a range of sophisticated testamentary trust will options which are kept up to date and are state of the art.  

These types of wills can provide asset protection for your spouse and children as well as tax savings.

Online willS & Powers of attorney

For straight forward circumstances, Harwood Andrews’ Online Will service - Your Will enables you to develop a quality legal document from the comfort of your own home.  Your Will offers single and couple’s Wills and Enduring Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney that are tailored to you.

Your Will is:

  • Prepared and reviewed by a real lawyer and tailored to your needs - it is NOT automatically generated

  • Explained to you over the phone by a lawyer at a time that suits you

  • Designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow, with a step-by-step online questionnaire

  • Compliant and certified by Law Institute of Victoria Certified Practicing Lawyers

Our online will service is intended for simple wills. If you have complex financial arrangements, or control assets in trusts or companies, or have complicated personal circumstances such as children from a prior relationship please contact us.