As technology and intellectual property become the key drivers of growth and risk for business, ensure you face into these opportunities well prepared.  The law in this area is rapidly developing and influenced by international developments

We can assist with technology procurement and product development, software development and distribution and all aspects of trademarks, designs, patents and copyright.  

Talk to us about:

  • Privacy, data security and strategies for protecting and capitalising on your business information, including data breach response;

  • Development, drafting, auditing and reviewing of ICT legal policy, procedures, standards, baselines and guidelines

  • Software development and licensing;

  • IT outsourcing and project management;

  • Protecting and leveraging your business intellectual property

Cyber Security Diagnostic

Not sure where to start with cyber security? Our Diagnostic gives you a view on where you sit and a steps to protect your business information from attack or compromise, manage multiple technology vendors and understand your Privacy obligations. 


Use our free online tool to check whether you’re obliged to notify affected individuals and the Office of the Information Commissioner of a data breach in your organisation. Answer a few questions to find out.

Website terms of use

Ensure users on your website/s are governed by a set of terms that protect your content, give you control over your users and limit your liability.

Simply answer some questions about your business and for a one off fee our real life lawyers will tailor legal website terms of use for you to publish on your company website/s so your online content is covered.