Your superannuation entitlement often forms a significant asset. It can be difficult to gain access to your entitlement when it is not managed by you and you are required to deal with superannuation funds existing in such a regulated environment. We offer a full range of superannuation dispute services to deal with issues that may arise in relation to your superannuation entitlement and access to your superannuation. 

The Harwood Andrews’ Dispute Resolution and Litigation practice provide expertise and commercial advice in all areas of superannuation entitlement disputes, including:

  • advising you in relation to your rights and access to your superannuation entitlement
  • advising you on how to make a claim to your superannuation entitlement
  • drafting, negotiating and guiding you through all aspects of the process of making a complaint to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
  • advising in relation to disputes on the payment of death and disability benefits

Superannuation Entitlement Disputes Contacts

Richard Anderson
Harwood Andrews
03 5226 8524|  0419 533 974

Felicity Davis
Senior Associate
Harwood Andrews
03 5226 8590


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