Harwood Andrews is a reporting member of the Australian Legal Sector Alliance (AusLSA), an industry-led association that works to promote sustainable practices across the legal sector.

This is the third year we have reported on our environmental impact as part of our membership and we are pleased to have seen a reduction in our carbon footprint.

Over the past 12 months (2013 to 2014) we have identified opportunities for reductions and introduced measures which have provided the following results:

-       A decrease in emissions from electricity per employee (from 2.63tCO2e to 2.56 tCO2e).

-       A move from 0% green energy use across our premises to over 90% of our premises using green energy – and we have just signed up for 100% of our premises to be green energy.

-       A reduction of paper use per head by 26.41%

During 2014 we have developed and implemented a sustainable procurement policy across the firm that works in conjunction with our environmental policy. We have committed to continually improve and minimise our impact on the environment by incorporating best practices into all areas of the business.

Click here to view Harwood Andrews Environmental Profile 2014.

We recommend to our clients that they take the time to look at ways to lessen their environmental impact – and reduce their overall running costs.

We have found that in monitoring and reporting on our carbon footprint, we have a better understanding of the impact of our business and are equipped to make decisions that help improve the way we run an environmentally sustainable business.

If you would like more information on how we have measured and reduced our carbon footprint, please feel free to contact:

Ashleigh Wall
Harwood Andrews
T: 03 5226 8559
E: awall@harwoodandrews.com.au