Stefan Manche is a husband, a father to two and an Associate Lawyer in the Wills and Estates team at Harwood Andrews. 

A long time thought-thinker, first time thought-sharer Stefan has started a blog 'Estate of Mind' where readers can connect with Will’s and Estates law in a current and relevant way.

Stefan’s latest blog post, ‘Planning in the Purple Rain’ looks at Stefan’s love for music icon Prince and knowledge about the legal implications of dying without a will.

Planning in the Purple Rain (Excerpt) 

Another music icon has left our midst. That’s Prince, Bowie and Lemmy in the space of six months, and for those music devotees out there (myself included) it is almost too much to bear.

For some readers, Prince’s revolutionary and diverse artistry may have been part of your musical landscape for almost 30 years. For others, his tragic passing may have spawned your discovery of his musical legacy. Personally, I have not been able to get Purple Rain out of my head since he passed on April 21.

As is the case for any celebrity death in our modern age, the passing of Prince has been closely followed by a wave of rumours. One such rumour which appears to be holding true (as at the date of writing) is that Prince died without a valid will.

For a man who reportedly earned in excess of $270 million during his career, and with royalties from his vault of released and unreleased music to continue into perpetuity, that is hard to believe. Even more so given his well-publicised battle with recording companies to retain ownership of his artistic productions, paving the way for musicians for generations to come.

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