Harwood Andrews was a gold sponsor of this year’s Mellow in the Yellow fundraising event held on 8 October 2016. One of our senior associates, Euphemie Barr, was on the event committee and helped coordinate various aspects of the event. The following is an article describing Euphemie’s involvement in the event.

Whatever the commodity, a farmer’s income is largely dependent on Mother Nature. Last year many farmers cut their crops early because of the dry weather and missed out on grain. Other farmers de-stocked because there was insufficient feed. This year, we have seen wide-spread floods destroying what were, up until a few weeks ago looking like bumper crops.

Since marrying a farmer, Euphemie has been confronted by some of the challenges of farming, which is why she became involved in Live Rural, a charitable organisation concerned about the health and wellbeing of farmers.

Live Rural was established to provide financial and social support for farmers. It aims to promote the contribution of farmers to our economy, raise awareness of health issues and support farmers in times of need.

Euphemie is on the committee for Live Rural’s major fundraising event, Mellow in the Yellow. Her role is to help coordinate the event and assist with sponsorship proposals, licensing and marketing. Set among a flowering canola crop, guests enjoy an afternoon of live music and local food and wine. Previous guest speakers have spoken of skin safety and the importance of mental health awareness.

This year Mellow in the Yellow raised $22,000.00. Funds raised will facilitate two scholarships for young farmers valued at $2,000.00 each and will also be donated to the National Centre for Farmer Health.

Other initiatives of Live Rural include facilitating health assessments for farmers in western Victoria. Farmers underwent a free full health check. Many farmers forget that their health is in many ways their most valuable asset, so it was an excellent way to raise awareness.

Live Rural resonates with Euphemie because she grew up without much of an understanding of our agricultural industry. She now sees first-hand the challenges faced by farmers and enjoys being part of an organisation that tries to make a difference.

Harwood Andrews supports Euphemie’s involvement with Live Rural which in turn, helps to improve the wellbeing of farmers. 

For more information, or to find out what services we offer farmers, please contact:

Euphemie Barr
Senior Associate
T 03 5329 6923
E ebarr@ha.legal