Your obligations as an employer don’t end the moment you hire a person to join your business, however understanding your obligations from the outset will minimise the risk of a dispute.

Our team can provide advice in:

Employment contracts & workplace policies

Having well written contracts and policies in place from the start of the employment relationship is key to setting the boundaries and standards you expect in your workplace, protecting your interests and workforce, and minimising your risks in the event of a dispute.

Award & statutory compliance

We will ensure you understand National Employment Standards and rights under the Fair Work Act that are relevant to your employees. Getting it right from the start will help to avoid costly mistakes. But if things go wrong, don’t stress, we can help you then too. Our team has a wealth of experience in defending underpayment claims, managing Fair Work Ombudsman prosecutions and resolving employment disputes to get our clients the best possible outcomes.

Buying selling & restructuring a business

Do you know what obligations you will have to employees when you buy or sell a business, or change the structure of your workforce? We can provide comprehensive advice in this complex area of employment law.

Contractor v employee

Understanding whether a worker is an employee or a contractor is the first step in any engagement and getting it wrong can be disastrous and very expensive. Knowing the difference impacts on superannuation, workers compensation and leave entitlements, as well as obligations to pay payroll tax. It’s important to know the difference and engage and pay your workers the right way.

Restraint of trade clauses, confidentiality & intellectual property

Through expert drafting and litigation when needed, we help our clients protect their assets, intellectual property interests and customers from past, current and future employees, from their very first day on the job until well after they leave.