Corporate counsel can reap the benefits of changing service delivery models while ensuring their role continues to evolve past simply understanding the risk profile, strategy and objectives of the business and advising accordingly.  We offer specific ways to manage the new balancing act for in-house counsel and legal managers with limited resources - driving cost efficiency while maintaining the effectiveness of legal advice.

For small teams

We seek to assist individual in-house counsel or their entire team to do the right work and use external spend in the most efficient manner.

Our simple Scope-Strategy Diagnostic is a fixed price service designed to guide you or your team to address the same risks your CEO would identify as being most important, and enabling you to tell a powerful internal story about resourcing and priorities.  

We also understand that you engage external lawyers for specific reasons and on different value criteria.  Unlike other firms, we design our service and our pricing accordingly, giving you a self-designed menu that allows you to allocate value based on your priorities, not what we think how long it will take.

For bigger teams

Harwood Andrews taps into the real-world in-house experience of its people, a design thinking approach to process and an appreciation of the benefits and limitations of technology to bring a modern take on legal services to larger in-house teams.  We believe there is a ‘third way’ for legal service provision to in-house teams that creates a win-win driven as much by how the service is delivered as the content itself.   Created by lawyers with extensive experience across all levels of in-house practice, Harwood Andrews’ Inhouse Advisory Service includes:

  • Workflow and work-type analysis and recommendations

  • Access to risk and strategic value frameworks to inform triage and management of work

  • Professional development and peer group networking

  • One-to-one coaching and mentoring

We use a four-stage, collaborative framework that allows us to step back, and deliver to a bigger goal of a service aligned with your company’s risk profile, not how many minutes you or we have spent on it.


For organizations wishing to inject a strategic perspective on the management of their legal and risk functions, we offer an alternative to employing a permanent legal resource.  Provided by lawyers with substantial in-house experience and pitched at board-level, Harwood Andrew’s Virtual GC is a subscription service that gives you cost effective access to a legal advisory service specifically aimed at:

  • providing a regular legal ‘health check’

  • injecting a thoughtful, risk-balanced voice to your business decisions;

  • implementation directed by you and backed by the full-service of Harwood Andrews office and networks.


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