Putting the right deal in place - from large, strategic decisions or everyday business practices – is vitally important to you and your business.   

Talk to us about:

  • the end-to-end procurement process including tender, contract, probity and review

  • managing your commercial relationship with customers, suppliers, agents, manufacturers and regulators;

  • credit, data and privacy issues

  • industry-specific arrangements

  • dealing with disputes

Do i need to comply with the privacy act?

Protection of personal information you collect is great business, but do you have obligations under the Privacy Act as well?  Check whether you need to comply with the Act and get guidance on where to go for more information. Answer a few quick questions and get an answer on the spot.

DOES the unfair contracts legislation apply to my business?

Being fair to your customers is good business, but if you use a standard form contract you may also need to make sure your terms and conditions are fair.  Check whether you should be reviewing your terms and conditions by answering a few short questions to get an answer on the spot.

Legal Advice for the medical & Allied health industry

Visit our Medical and Allied Health industry page for tools and insights into the legal landscape of the health industry.