A key consideration for any proprietor is that of business and asset protection, in order to retain wealth and ensure that they are minimising risks and liabilities.

The Harwood Andrews business law team leverages the vast commercial taxation and trust law experience within the firm to ensure that you, and the future generations of your family maintain control over the wealth accumulated over your lifetime.

We work with you to develop structures and strategies establishing new businesses, while identifying and evaluating the future needs of your business. We take an innovative and relationship based approach to help develop asset protection strategies, at all times working to strengthen the growth and success of your businesses.

Business structuring and asset protection contacts

Rod Payne
Harwood Andrews
03 5226 8541 |  0407 268 541

Alasdair Woodford
Senior Associate
Harwood Andrews
03 5225 5217 | 0436 456 144


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